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Return a JSON object representing the serialized, hex-encoded transaction.


1. "hexstring" (string, required) The transaction hex string


  "txid" : "id",        (string) The transaction id
  "hash" : "id",        (string) The transaction hash (differs from txid for witness transactions)
  "size" : n,             (numeric) The transaction size
  "vsize" : n,            (numeric) The virtual transaction size (differs from size for witness transactions)
  "version" : n,          (numeric) The version
  "locktime" : ttt,       (numeric) The lock time
  "vin" : [               (array of json objects)
       "txid": "id",    (string) The transaction id
       "vout": n,         (numeric) The output number
       "scriptSig": {     (json object) The script
         "asm": "asm",  (string) asm
         "hex": "hex"   (string) hex
       "txinwitness": ["hex", ...] (array of string) hex-encoded witness data (if any)
       "sequence": n     (numeric) The script sequence number
  "vout" : [             (array of json objects)
       "value" :,            (numeric) The value in AVN
       "n" : n,                    (numeric) index
       "scriptPubKey" : {          (json object)
         "asm" : "asm",          (string) the asm
         "hex" : "hex",          (string) the hex
         "reqSigs" : n,            (numeric) The required sigs
         "type" : "pubkeyhash",  (string) The type, eg 'pubkeyhash'
         "asset" : {               (json object) optional
           "name" : "name",      (string) the asset name
           "amount" : n,           (numeric) the amount of asset that was sent
           "message" : "message", (string optional) the message if one was sent
           "expire_time" : n,      (numeric optional) the message epoch expiration time if one was set
         "addresses" : [           (json array of string)
           "12tvKAXCxZjSmdNbao16dKXC8tRWfcF5oc"   (string) avian address


avian-cli decoderawtransaction "hexstring"