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Returns information about network traffic, including bytes in, bytes out, and current time.


  "totalbytesrecv": n,   (numeric) Total bytes received
  "totalbytessent": n,   (numeric) Total bytes sent
  "timemillis": t,       (numeric) Current UNIX time in milliseconds
    "timeframe": n,                         (numeric) Length of the measuring timeframe in seconds
    "target": n,                            (numeric) Target in bytes
    "target_reached": true|false,           (boolean) True if target is reached
    "serve_historical_blocks": true|false,  (boolean) True if serving historical blocks
    "bytes_left_in_cycle": t,               (numeric) Bytes left in current time cycle
    "time_left_in_cycle": t                 (numeric) Seconds left in current time cycle


avian-cli getnettotals