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View all messages that the wallet contains


"Asset Name:"                     (string) The name of the asset the message was sent on
"Message:"                        (string) The IPFS hash of the message
"Time:"                           (Date) The time as a date in the format (YY-mm-dd Hour-minute-second)
"Block Height:"                   (number) The height of the block the message was included in
"Status:"                         (string) Status of the message (READ, UNREAD, ORPHAN, EXPIRED, SPAM, HIDDEN, ERROR)
"Expire Time:"                    (Date, optional) If the message had an expiration date assigned, it will be shown here in the format (YY-mm-dd Hour-minute-second)
"Expire UTC Time:"                (Date, optional) If the message contains an expire date that is too large, the UTC number will be displayed


avian-cli viewallmessages